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Erfurt & Sohn KG

Erfurt & Sohn is an international, traditional family-owned company. Partnership-based cooperation, employee motivation and customer satisfaction are principles that shape ERFURT's business.


We pay particular attention to the diversity of our product range and the nature-based textures, but above all to the healthy living aspects of our products.

The entire production of our wallpaper and other products is influenced by our approach to environmental protection: we have minimized the production of refuse and waste materials, we avoid the generation of emissions and wastewater, which can harm the environment, and we have reduced our energy consumption to an absolute minimum. Therefore, primarily renewable raw materials, especially recycled paper, is used, as is cellulose and woodchips from sustainable forests.


This is confirmed by numerous independent institutions, like the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), the TÜV Test Centre, Blue Angel environmental certification, the RAL quality mark, "Very good" Öko-Test scores and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC-C022276).

The healthy living aspects of our products are also underlined by the relevant quality seals.

Pufas Werk KG

Since the foundation in 1928 PUFAS has consistently expanded its product range - through continuous innovation and development of products, as weel as by adopting traditional trademarks such as decotric (1977) and Glutolin (2003). The company Baufan Bauchemie Leipzig GmbH has been integrated into the company group in 1999, and has been extended throught extensive investments during the following years.

Today PUFAS offers a broad range of wallpaper adhesives, pastes, fillers, primers, coatings, emulsion paints and other renovation products. The Glutoclean range provides a full program of more than 40 special products for cleaning and value maintenance. As a privately owned, mediumsized company PUFAS is responsible for the production site and the increase in number of workplaces and traineeships. For the sustainable strengthing of his market position the company relies on the important factors of product quality, ability to supply and service which entails a close network of qualified sales representatives.

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Davco Leading supplier of special dry mortar solutions for the construction industry.

Today, Davco is one of the most important manufacturers focusing on dry mortar expertise for the building industry. With 4400 employees in 22 countries, 72 production facilities, 2 group R & D centers in France and China, and 9 local R & D facilities, Davco achieved 1b euros in 2017. Our activities are active in Western Europe, Asia Pacific, South and North America, North Africa and the Middle East.

The bathrooms of each apartment should be covered with protective materials against the flow of water. Residents with a bathroom that do not have waterproofing can interfere with the peace of their neighbors. The product we offer you is a water separator. Thanks to this product “Davco K11”, which contains liquid and powdery substances, it is guaranteed that the owners can be calm as safety from the flow of water to neighbors.

EMCO Group

The emco Group is a holding company that combines four strong brands under one roof. With these, it has made a name for itself as a successful supplier of tailor-made solutions that combine technology and design. The group's worldwide success is attributable to the expertise and experience that the company has acquired over 70 years – and to the original ideas that are found for demanding requirements and high-end properties. In keeping with our slogan, “Surprisingly more”, we find ground-breaking solutions for your needs in and around the building.


Clean buildings start with Emco!

We are one of the leading international manufacturers of stylish and functional entrance mats which reduce dirt and moisture in buildings.

Flexible designs allow architects to realize their design vision without having to compromise on function.

Emco entrance mats make a positive contribution to retaining the value of a building. Dirt and moisture are kept away from indoor floor coverings such as parquet, natural stone or carpet. This extends any necessary refurbishment intervals while reducing cleaning costs.

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Blanke Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Despite having been in the market for over 70 years, Blanke is still a future-oriented company with ambitious goals. The bare core competencies of tile accessory systems and bent wire parts developed into independent corporate divisions, which today secure the basis for the company of tomorrow.
With its numerous products and system solutions, Blanke offers its customers a multiple of added value.

Thanks to the close proximity to the market and customers, the product and system solutions developed by Blanke are not only new and innovative, but also practical and customer-oriented.

The advantages that Blanke offers to its customers are diversified. The wide range of sophisticated products constantly adapted to market requirements forms the basis. Blanke continuously develops systems and new solutions tailored to customer needs. This is made possible thanks to the marketing structure of Blanke which is built entirely on proximity to customers and markets.


Today customers and partners in more than 80 countries benefit from the traditional values of a family-owned company in combination with the power of innovation and the ideas of highly motivated employees. Beginning from the management to every single employee. The passion for our job gives us the passion for every single task, the reason why our customers can feel the quality.

Agrob Buchtal GMBH

We know tiles. Working with clay since 1755, we have a full-fledged understanding of our material, and how to make stoneware, porcelain stoneware, and earthenware of the highest quality. In our four German production facilities we continue to refine our recipes to mix clay, feldspar, fireclay, kaolin and water. Going from malleable to firm in carefully monitored firing processes, clay is a natural material with infinite possibilities to craft ceramic products which contribute to make architecture durable, sustainable, and beautiful.

We know how to make great tiles. Yet we work incessantly to make them even better. Craftsmanship and new technology are combined in the creation of innovative non-slip surfaces for wet settings, and the development of new and easy ways to process ceramics, such as DryTile, which does not require any glue.


We are invested in health and hygiene, as our sustainable Hytect technology shows, which is applied in nearly every product we manufacture. Aside from developing innovations across the board, we pride ourselves in offering bespoke new solutions, supporting architects to realize their best ideas

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Faktum Bauprodukte GMBH

Faktum Tiling Products supply professional building and tiling products to the trade. Our many years of experience can provide you with the confidence and support you need from a competent supply partner.

Due to a combination of ongoing product development and active market research we always offer our customers the newest product experience and technology.

Trade professionals face many challenges today with the wide range of projects, skills and tools required. We can help to support this need by supplying quality products with strongly represented brand names. Faktum Tiling Products are “The specialist from Germany for customers worldwide”. Supplying products internationally is taken very seriously at Faktum and we work hard to provide this service to our business partners including English speaking staff. Reliability and excellent service are the company’s strength.

Faktum Tiling Products provide an ideal, competent partner located centrally in Germany with excellent transport links.

KLB Koetztal GMBH

The best foundation for success is experience.

Outstanding system expertise and 25 years of industry know-how have made KLB Kötztal GmbH the first port of call for commercial and industrial flooring.

Expertise is part of our heritage – the history of KLB Kötztal GmbH.

From a small family-run company to one of the leading suppliers of coating materials and reactive resins for industrial floors: throughout our 25-year history, we are particularly proud of the level of confidence our customers across all sectors show in us. This is surely a result of our particular USP: perfectly compatible and proven, yet customised system solutions.

Medium-sized and down-to-earth – these are our values

Since KLB Kötztal GmbH was founded in 1995, it has matured from an owner-operated family business to a top-performing, medium-sized, internationally operating company. Despite this growth, our mission statement continues to be shaped by our traditional and commercial values. Many of our employees reward this orientation with their long-standing loyalty. They appreciate our lived values, our flat hierarchies, and the positive working environment.

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