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Packaging Factory

Import & Sales

At Flh-Wolf LLC one of our primary goals is to provide outstanding value to our customers. This means working with only the best manufacturers to provide the highest quality products at a fair market price. To accomplish this, FLH-Wolf actively develops and evaluates our vendor partner business relationships on an ongoing basis. From Tiles, Wallpaper, Protection Trims and waterproofing materials to tools, fasteners and stucco, we make it a priority to work with industry leaders who we know and trust.


Import and sale of all kinds of building materials:

  • Special tiles for swimming pools & wellness, industry, health & care and hotel & restaurants Areas

  • Facade systems

  • Woodchip and non-woven wallpaper

  • Fillers and wallpaper materials

  • Protection Trims for wall and floor coverings

  • Protection Trims for Stair and safety

  • Drainage systems

  • Construction chemistry / seals / water proofing’s / Silicone

  • Mat systems

Import & Sales

New Construction and remodeling expert

We are specialty construction company on your project team. Build flexible space that enhances well-being, improves productivity, and prioritizes safety. Whether it’s a big or small space, create an office, Brand Shop, Warehouse or healthcare facility where your people can flourish.


Flh-Wolf LLC experienced professional and friendly team, is ready to help you design, plan, build, renovate, remodel your dream home, and business.  We are always confident to exceed your expectations in service quality for all your residential and commercial projects.


Flh-Wolf LLC is able to provide efficient and excellent service because we have a combined 17 years’ experience in Mongolia.

New Construction and remodeling expert
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Project Management

Project management is a broad field in which the consultants of us undertake the partial or complete management of a project, all according to the request of the client.

Modern project management involves effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects and risk management, procurement, execution, project control, contract management, completion and commissioning. Effective project management ensures a comprehensive overview at all stages of preparation and execution and makes it more likely that individual project components and the project as whole remains within the defined time and cost frame. We undertakes project management of a variety of projects, anything from simple development projects up to complicated construction projects.


Great importance is placed on analyzing risk factors in projects and maintaining preventive supervision where our experts review budget and time schedules, designs, specifications, bids, project contracts, work arrangements, etc. before work commences.


Construction management is one aspect of project management and constitutes a defined role according to law. Our team undertakes the construction management of numerous projects in building construction, interior work, Health and Care construction and industry construction.


We bring the entire project together from a single source and, with excellent project management, lead all planning and construction phases across all industries:


  • Safety

  • Engineering

  • Controlling

  • Procurement

  • Expediting

  • Construction Management

  • Commissioning

  • Documentation

Project Management

Mission & Vision of the company

"To be representative of the development of science and technology in the construction sector, Being an opportunity maker for customers along with the development”.


"Sustainability through German quality and comfort!"

In other words, every visitor who comes to us will receive expert advice from us in the areas of high-quality and sustainable building materials and professional DIN (German Standard Norm) construction work.

Principle of the company

"Right Time, Right Solutions, Right Products are Savings" - to provide our customers with the right solutions and right products, at the right time with the best economy.

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