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Emco Diplomat Original With ribbed carpet insert.


Price: 1.046.500 MNT incl. VAT / qm


Discount: 10% Discount from 7.5-sqm order


High: 12mm


Ribbed Carpet Colors: Red, Brown, Sand, Light grey and Anthracite

Rollable and hard-wearing original entrance mat with standard insert for supported installation options. Customizable widths and walking depths available without a compensation profile. Available in any geometric shape.


emco installation frame 500: 500-15 AL Aluminium

emco installation frame 500: 500-15 CN Chrome-nickel steel (V2A)

emco ramp edge: A10 Aluminium

emco cover strip: C12 Chrome-nickel steel (V2A)

emco INOX®: LINEO 12 Chrome-nickel steel (V2A)

Rubber underlay 1 mm: GU 1

Rubber underlay 3 mm: GU 3

Rubber underlay 5 mm: GU 5

Mat joining brackets: MV Supplied as standard with mats in several



emco DIPLOMAT entrance mats are suitable for normal to heavy loads thanks to the wide range of options available, it can provide the right solution for any requirement including heavily frequented buildings, extreme weather situations and areas that have special aesthetic demands.

Ideal for hotels, business premises, doctors, private entrance areas and most medium to heavy contract installations.


The entrance area is your building’s ambassador. However, it is also the bottleneck through which everyone enters. This means that large quantities of street dirt accumulate here every day. An enormous challenge, which must be met intelligently.

Entrance matting systems by emco provide systematic and powerful protection, like a protective shield. Not only dirt but accidents caused by slipping and damage have no chance. For a radiant first impression.


Roll the Emco Diplomat mat into the recess in the floor

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