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Substrat Point Floor Drain, 122x122 mm DM50

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Price: 99.500 MNT incl. VAT / per piece

Discount: 10% Discount from 30-piece order


Linear and point floor drainage systems are built straight into the floor creating smooth and easy access to the shower area, which also can be very practical solution for disabled people.

This type of drain is designed to be used on any type of floor: concrete, wood, etc.


  • Point floor drains are the best drainage solution compared to traditional shower trays and cabins, which can give an unlimited arrangement of each bathroom.

  • Point floor drain suitable for outdoor use (terraces and balconies) too.


  • Safety and ISO certified by TÜV SÜD

  • With sealing flange including screws made of stainless steel for a watertight connection to the subsurface

  • Horizontal outlet - DN-50: 50 mm

  • Universal DN-50 with stainless steel grate (122x122 mm and 1.5 mm thick)

  • Equipped with 2 exchangeable odor traps and hair strainer:

  • 1 x drying flap (empty, therefore frost-proof, especially for outdoor use)

  • 1 x siphon system (residual water prevents odor from escaping)

  • The top section can be rotated and universally shortened from 75 to 25mm.

  • Construction height including grate: min. 105 mm to max. 155 mm

  • Made of polypropylene - standard EN 1253-1 and stainless steel

  • Load K3-300 kg,

  • Heat resistance up to 90 ° C

  • Flow rate 80 l / min - dry seal

  • Flow rate 50 l / min - water seal


Thin bed laying: Install the thin-bed part so that it is flush with the screed and fully backfilled. Remove the protective cover and the grooved flange clean. Prime the grooved flange surface.

Liquid sealant using a brush or spatula method apply and work in the enclosed fabric mat. After the waterproof layer with DAVCO K11 has hardened, clean the holder for the gride with the sliding part. Place the complete grid with counter flange in the holder and screw it on. Rotatability, height adjustment as well check lateral displacement. Tile with thin-bed mortar until just before the drain relocated so that the adjustability of the grid is still guaranteed. Adjust grid to tile pattern and floor level. Fix the grid holder with thin-bed mortar and lay tiles. After this Grouting Make permanently elastic joints between the gride support and the tiles.


Please contact us directly for the following types of installation:

  • Sealing with a (1x) waterproofing membrane

  • Sealing with two (1x) waterproofing membrane

  • Sealing with thin-bed waterproofing membrane and press seal

  • Waterproofing concrete

  • Sealing with flooring (PCV)

  • without Sealing

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