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Substrat WATERPROOFING TAPE SEALING, Roll 50 Meter x 120mm

Waterproofinng Tape Sealing.png
Sealing sleeve.png

Price: 210.000 MNT incl. VAT / per Roll

                4.200 MNT incl. VAT / per Meter

Discount: 10% Discount from 80-roll / 4000 Meter / order


Faktum Substrat Band 120 is a flexible NBR waterproof joint and elastic seal for the perimeter and fractionizing joints, pipes and drains in waterproofing systems.

Faktum Substrat Waterproofing Tape is also available in ready-made internal and external corner sections along with 400mm x 400mm and 120mm x 120mm gaskets for pipes in bathrooms, kitchens, showers, etc.


  • For use under ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stone.

  • Waterproofing corners between adjacent walls and between walls and floors before treating.

  • Flexible waterproofing of expansion joints on terraces and balconies, etc. before treating.

  • Sealing pipes and drains in bathrooms, showers and kitchens in conjunction with Faktum Substrat gaskets.

  • Bonds directly on application.

  • For internal and external use.


  • Resistant to alkalis and chlorine.

  • Faktum Substrate 120 ensures continuous waterproofing even at expansion joints, drain outlets and around through elements.

  • Ideal for bonding with eco-friendly Davco K11.

  • Guaranteed waterproofing of all types of non-structural fractionizing and connection joints.


Apply a thin layer of DAVCO K11 waterproofing membrane, at least 1 mm thick, to the sides of the corners and expansion joints to be waterproofed. Apply the fabric side of the Faktum Substrat Band or special pieces over the fresh layer of waterproofing membrane, using a smooth trowel.

It is essential that the waterproofing membrane layer wets both sides of the band, also the rubber tape, for a width of several mm. For movement joints (i.e. in terraces) Faktum Substrat Band must be positioned in the shape of an omega Ω:

The tape can then be subjected to tension.

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