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GLUTOLIN K10 – 500 g & 1 Kg


Price: K10 500 g / 28.600 MNT incl. VAT / per piece

            K10 1 Kg / 54.600 MNT incl. VAT / per piece

Discount: 10% Discount from 100-piece order


Glutolin K10 are ideal for wallcoverings that can be overpainted. Perfectly suitable for secure bonding on difficult new plaster areas as well as on old plaster and plasterboards.


Glutolin K10 is suitable for hanging non-woven wallpapers, glass fiber wallpapers as well as renovation fleece.


  • high solid content for optimal adhesion and secure bonding of edges

  • excellent moisture resistance when recoating

  • for application directly onto the wall, with pasting machines and by brush

  • lime- and cement proof


The surface to which the wallpaper is to be applied must by dry, stable and free of dust, grease etc. Remove old, peeling wallpaper and paint using decotric Wallpaper Remover. Tidy up cracks, holes and uneven areas with Glutofill WF filler or Glutofill WG Super Bonding Filler. Pre-treat strongly absorbent, abrasive  and chalky surfaces with Glutogrund LF Deeply Penetrating Primer. For very translucent wallpaper and contrasting backgrounds, we recommend applying a coat of Glutogrund TP Wallpaper Primer beforehand. To make subsequent removal easier, it is recommended, for washable wallpapers in particular, that the surface to which the wallpaper is to be applied be treated with wallpaper sizing.


Stirring vigorously, sprinkle Glutolin K10 into clean, cold water (see table) and continue to stir for a few minutes. Leave for approx 15 minutes and then stir vigorously again. Apply the adhesive using a wallpaper machine directly onto the wallcovering or using a short-haired lambskin role in the width of the strips onto the surface. Hang the wallcovering into the damp bed of adhesive und press it down evenly with a moos rubber role or a paperhanger spatula. Moisten cladded wallcoverings on the back with a wet sponge before hanging. Hang the wallpaper according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean tools with water immediately after use. Do not use if the object and/or room temperature are below + 5° Celsius! Remove adhesive residues using a damp cloth

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