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Substrat RUBBER MAT and FRAME, 60 x 40 cm          

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Faktum_Frame of Matt.png

Price: 215.000 MNT incl. VAT / per piece


Discount: 5% Discount from 10-piece order

Size Option: 80 x 40, 80 x 50 cm, 90 x 60 cm, 100 x 60 cm


They are particularly useful in areas with high levels of moisture and snow.

The rubber ring mat dissipates liquids particularly well thanks to its nubby underside.


  • Private and Commercial

  • Entrance mat in areas with high levels of moisture

  • Workplace mats on machines, workbenches and assembly areas.

  • Mud protection for sand paths / sidewalks

  • Washing halls (washing areas)


  • Reduced risk of slipping due to the high permeability of the mat for Moisture and snow

  • Good traction due to the high weight of the mat / Weight: approx. 12.5 kg per m² / Material: rubber /


The foot scraper system consists of a complete set. This includes:

  • Angular frame made of corrosion-free aluminum

  • Foot scraper Mat


Prepare and measure the subsurface. The surface should be dry and level.

Excavation of a corresponding recess for the angle frame. Place the angle frame of the Foot scraper Mat on the subsurface, align it flat with the spirit level and fix it (drilling or setting in concrete). Place the Foot scraper mat in the angled frame.

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