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Davco K11 Flex, 25 Kg + 17 Liter Liquid

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Price: 308.000 MNT incl. VAT / per piece

Discount: 10% Discount from 50-piece order


Davco K11 Flex is a flexible 2-part acrylic-modified cementitious waterproofing system. The 2-components of Davco K11 Flex react chemically after mixing to form a hard and elastic film which bonds tenaciously to most concrete or masonry substrate to protect against possible ingress of water. The application of Davco K11 Flex requires the surface to be saturated or wetted down prior to its application. This make Davco K11 Flex a practical and ideal product for waterproofing in damp conditions such as basement, wet areas, and external areas of most sites where the surface must be pre-washed prior to applying any waterproofing system. In external areas, application of Davco K11 Flex is not affected by change in weather conditions. Davco K11 Flex can receive direct plaster or screed without affecting bond. Marbles and tiles can be fixed directly onto Davco K11 Flex with most types of Davco adhesives. Davco K11 Flex can accommodate slight movement of structure and can be used as a repair material for bridging cracks in substrate or cracks due to shrinkage up to 2mm wash.


  • For application to interior and exterior below grade surfaces against concrete decay and waterborne corrosive salts.

  • For application in between horizontal structural slabs and toppings against hydrostatic pressure.

  • Seals and protects masonry walls against algae or fungus growth caused by atmospheric pollutants and moisture and to bridge shrinkage cracks.

  • To produce a tough and durable waterproofed finish which cannot be easily damaged or worn off including foot trafficking.

  • White color Davco K11 system provides a decorative appearance to receive direct painting without affecting opacity.

  • To form waterproofed underlayment’s for vinyl and carpet.

  • Waterproof external walls against water seepage.

  • Waterproofing of surfaces before laying marbles to help prevent efflorescence.

  • Cementitious waterproofed surface re-conditioner for refurbishment of existing finishes, eg. mosaic tiles.

  • Surface treatment to prevent absorption of concrete and autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC) blocks.

  • Waterproofed surface treatment before using wallpaper, gypsum board, ceramic tile.


  • 2 components eliminate risk of incorrect mixing ratio.

  • Seals lightweight aerated blocks

  • Seals precast joints

  • Anti-carbonation protection

  • Non-toxic

  • Foot trafficable when cured

  • Will not attack metal

  • No protection requires prior to fixing other types of finishes


Strengthening: Strengthening time is 3 hours. Tiles can be stick after the strengthening. In case of use in the base surfaces under the ground it is necessary to wait for a week for a complete strengthening.

Preparation of foundation: Must be used on the surface which is made of hard concrete, clay, brick and cement. Foundation must be dry and even, without any substances such as separator, dust or oil.

Method of application: First of all, apply it in all corners, then glue with the water separator Faktum waterproofing Tape Sealing on it. Then apply it on the floors and walls. Apply with a spatula from 2 to 5 mm thick until the concrete surface is not visible. Depending on the thickness the drying time is different. Approximately 3 hours after drying the tile can be glued. After the final drying and hardening it becomes blue tint.

Precautions: The surface temperature has to be not less than +5°C, not more than +25°C. Finish the application within 1 hour and do not dilute with water. Do not prepare on the containers which are used for food and drink. Do not leave for the night. Do not add or prepare on the used or old one.

Recommendations: Due to the presence of cement it is likely to cause skin irritation. Avoid exposure to eyes and skin. In case of eye contact rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor. Should work with gloves. After drying, it is safe for body and environmentally. 

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