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Substrat Tiles frames - MAGNETS

Inspection Door.jpg

Price: 14.000 MNT incl. VAT / per piece

Discount: 10% Discount from 50-piece order


A control opening is made wherever water, gas or electricity-carrying lines have to be checked technically. The tile magnet is a practical aid for an invisible solution for tile and other coverings. It is easy to install, regardless of the size of the inspection opening. This can then be easily opened if necessary.


  • Inspection openings


  • Universally applicable

  • Suitable for every tile size

  • Extraordinarily strong magnetic effect


The tile magnets are to be glued to the back of the wall tile with tile adhesive. The magnets protrude completely over the edge of the tile.

The wall tiles with glued magnets are used as a boundary Position the inspection opening so that four magnets protrude into the inspection opening. The counter plates are to be glued to the back of the cover with silicone according to the position of the magnets.

For larger inspection openings, a cover is made from the corresponding number of tiles by connecting them to the rear with a tile glued on with tile adhesive.

After the silicone has had sufficient drying time, the cover plate is and close the circumferential joint with a color-coordinated sealing compound.

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